What is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is a company founded in 2005, New Zealand. The wholesale directory links you with more than 8,000 legal suppliers and 2,5 million goods. SaleHoo is a “service” and not a direct supplier for which the individual goods are not sold.

You can use it to scan and comparison suppliers and goods online. You may check for goods to sell by name, brand and type of products.

Although the company is in New Zealand, many directory suppliers are in the USA, UK, Canada, Austria and China.

SaleHoo is lawful?

SaleHoo has a friendly reference software, and so you can read several SaleHoo reviews on the site. Unfortunately, we’ve all read them, and we can say that some hype the product while others think it’s a scam. SaleHoo is not the best tool for sourcing goods, we can assure you, but it is undoubtedly a legit service that you can use to find products to sell.

SaleHoo lets you become your boss and schedule your hours, which many of us want to do. Although the business model of drop shipping has changed over the years, this system still provides considerable revenue.

How do you work with SaleHoo?

Contact the supplier directly for an order if you find a product you wish to sell or a supplier for whatever you are prepared to deal with. All provider pages contain critical details such as approximate delivery times, minimum order quantities, etc.

Decide whether to shoot goods directly for your customer or buy them in bulk or wholesale, and sending them yourself is extremely important.

The two methods function as follows:

1. Drop Transportation:

You first sell the commodity to any supplier you deal with, and you then put the order. The supplier sends the product directly to the client. This method does not allow you to see or manage the product.

2. Bulk/Wholesale:

You buy the goods from a provider at once. The retailer then transports the goods to your house or warehouse. Finally, you sell the item online and give it to your client directly. This strategy is more nuanced but creates much more profit margins.

Product review

Providers of dropship:

For drop shipping, Salehoo offers you more than 1000 reputable suppliers. Salehoo has audited and tested each of these suppliers to ensure that they can trust each of them. However, there are cases where people should not use someone like Salehoo and go directly to the provider to discover that their money is not valid.

When you check out the suppliers, you can get the following information:

  • Details about the contact
  • Spectrum of products
  • Product quality
  • Reviews of client support
  • Where to get them
  • How you ship your products

There is probably a supplier that can supply these goods, whatever you want to sell. For example, Salehoo has suppliers of common categories of items, including clothes, jewels, shoes, and antiques.

Salehoo will help you if you sell domestically or want to market abroad. Also, you can use foreign drinks to extend your business globally if you are in a country with few suppliers.

For beginners, Salehoo is perfect because it allows you to filter providers with minimal orders. If you are starting, it’s critical for many suppliers to keep an eye out for it or even to keep an eye on it. You may want to stay away from providers that pay a fee to get started. Currently, nearly 70 percent of providers do not market a single gravity.

Wholesale suppliers:

A vast selection of wholesale suppliers is available from Salehoo. All the below companies’ products come at genuine wholesale rates, which enable you to make a profit by selling them on. Vendors who use Salehoo are interested in selling their licenced items on their websites and eCommerce markets like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. A vast selection of wholesale suppliers is available from Salehoo. All the below companies’ products come at genuine wholesale rates, enabling you to make a profit by selling them on. Sellers using Salehoo are interested in selling their branded products on their website and the markets for electronic commerce like eBay, Amazon, Etc.

Research into the market:

Market research can be frustrating if you find a new product that tens of thousands of other shops have already sold. To counter this, Salehoo uses ‘sale costs’ and price data to classify products that are not competitive. In another competitive market, you are also ensuring that you stand out and become unique. Moreover, you can use monthly sales reports to capture your competitors’ seasonal trends. It also allows you to lose money out of waste stock.

Training & Assistance:

Since Salehoo is based in the early stages of its journey on helping eCommerce entrepreneurs, they must receive their training and support.

Looking at sellers’ online conversation, Salehoo has an outstanding service. It is obvious. Support is also available via live chat, from 5:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday through telephone and email. This time is Standard Time for the Eastern. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts provide very swift support.
Review of Salehoo Tools

Guideline Free:

You will be received educational documents on the SaleHoo Platform in the “Free Guides” segment. If you have trouble getting used to it, it is recommended that you search this place. The Chapter Guide covers issues such as the sales of eBay and Amazon, the best product for sale, the launch of online shops and so on.

The Union:

SaleHoo provides a group platform for other, more seasoned users to log in and talk to. You can also ask questions from people who can help make the platform experience smoother. In addition, the forum offers a range of articles and guidelines.

Chat Live:

You can access a live chat function once you reach your SaleHoo page. Click on the “SaleHoo Expert Chat” button to access the tool. However, note that this choice does not always exist. As the Contact Us page of the company indicates, 12 hours a week are available. Only on weekends can you have access to a live chat lasting 24 hours.

Email and contact forms:

It’s likely the best way to contact SaleHoo. Go to the “Contact Us” tab, and you can speak directly to them via email.

Why is SaleHoo appropriate for you?

If you’re trying to set up a hijacker to make extra money on your side, Salehoo is fine. Dropshipping money will help you with funds to start your eCommerce shop with your exclusive products.
Salehoo is a perfect forum for eCommerce businesses. Small minimum orders and several drop-shippers mean that you won’t have much overhead. Salehoo’s preparation is also an additional advantage and is very available.

Is SaleHoo safe?

A strict verification process is applied to any supplier listed in SaleHoo’s directory to remove fraudulent business and Chinese forgeries. The company supplying genuine goods is, therefore, an actual supplier.
In addition, for each US supplier, the SaleHoo directory is showing the rating of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BBB is a Non-profit company that monitors corporations and prosecutes companies that operate unlawfully and unethically.

SaleHoo Pros & cons:


  • Complete access to the wholesale directory of 2,5 million goods and over 8,000 suppliers confirmed.
  • There are no start-up costs, except the membership charge (inventory is not purchased upfront).
  • Any supplier in the directory undergoes a strict process of verification to exclude Chinese counterfeiters and fraudulent suppliers.
  • In case of not satisfying you with SaleHoo, the 60-day money-back guarantee guarantees your order.
  • Simple to find selling goods and collaborating with suppliers.


  • There are no location-based search capabilities (e.g., no search option to search for suppliers at certain places – US, Canada, UK, etc.).
  • Some goods on eBay and Amazon are overpriced and cheaper.
  • For a list of suppliers you will find on your own, you pay $67 (or $127 for your lifetime membership).

SaleHoo Pricing:

Salehoo offers a flat price of $67 for access for an entire year. Plus, a brand-new alternative that provides lifetime access for $127.

SaleHoo anual
SaleHoo Directory Anual
SaleHoo lifetime
SaleHoo Directory Lifetime

The pricing for Salehoo is viewed as really affordable within its market. Among the largest rivals to Salehoo provide a comprehensive directory of a wholesale item of upwards of 16 million. However, a Worldwide Brands subscription costs $299.

When are you considering that your drop shipping provider is it deserves assuming how much time are you mosting likely to do this for? Is your dropshipping service a short-term project to fund your passions for establishing your very own store?


Final Words for SaleHoo

Salehoo is an excellent forum for aspiring e-commerce companies to begin shipping. You can be accommodated by Salehoo if you do not have your warehouse and want to bring it into the next stage. I hope this review from Salehoo will provide you with helpful information and help you start your dropshipping venture!